We are thrilled to partner with Tribeza Magazine for the live premiere of Do What’s in Your Heart, a mini-documentary chronicling triple Grammy-nominee Clarice Assad’s artist residency during ACG’s 21-22 season.

Tribeza Magazine will be hosting the screening on Thursday, August 18 at 7pm CT live on their website. (Link will not be live until Thursday)

Your questions and comments are welcome through ACG YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, and will be answered in real time during the event.

Since 2001 ACG has established for-credit guitar education programs in more than 50 central Texas schools, including five juvenile detention facilities and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. These programs bring music into the lives of thousands of young people every year. In Austin ISD, guitar is now the second highest enrolled music course after band. 

Do What’s In Your Heart shares the story behind the musical work Ms. Assad co-created with 50 students from around the city. The 32-minute film includes a performance of that work by a student orchestra, as well as a reimagined version by guitarist Jorge Caballero and the Miro String Quartet.

Do What’s In Your Heart is a celebration of community, collaboration, musical inspiration, and artistic freedom, created by our community for our community.

Special thanks to ACG’s Artistic Director Joe Williams, Education Director Travis Marcum, Northshore Media’s Kevin Chin, Clarice Assad, all the musicians, parents and students, and everyone else who helped make this year-long project possible.

Clarice Assad’s 21-22 Artist Residency was generously sponsored by atsec information security.