Guitar is the world’s most popular instrument, and the results have been new students engaging in school-based performing arts by the tens of thousands. We learned this year that enrollment in our partner guitar classes is now second only to band amongst all AISD middle and high school music classes. We now have partner teachers in 45 Texas school districts and 40 states. Education has been our largest budget area at ACG since 2004. And it’s all possible thanks to friends like you. So, as we reach the end of another record-breaking school year, we’d like to thank you for helping make it all possible, and thank you for your belief in ACG, and in the power of music to do good in the world. Learn more about ACG Education here. Support ACG Education here


This year’s Concert & Sight Reading event was filled with vibrant sounds of music, the thrill of anticipation, and the transformative power of performance.

We had the opportunity to speak with one of our wonderful judges, Evan Taucher, who experienced firsthand the beauty and growth that emerged from the talented young musicians and dedicated directors. Evan shared his reflections on the event and the profound impact it had on all involved, 

“My role at this year’s Concert & Sight Reading event was one of the main-stage judges. This means I had the privilege of hearing almost forty amazing young groups play a wide variety of music. What I tried to focus on was providing as much as possible written feedback as it pertains to the directors of the ensembles, but also feedback for some tendencies I noticed amongst the students. I judged this event last year as well, and it’s amazing how much each group improves year to year. It’s proof of the amazing work that both the students and directors put into their music and practice, but also a testament to the valuable education, mentorship and curriculum that ACG provides to these schools.

This may seem strange, but some of my favorite moments were seeing the process of the students (and sometimes directors) nervously entering the stage, sitting down, then putting on an absolutely amazing performance and show. It’s a feeling I relate to on a personal level as a performer and educator. Walking onto the stage, and introducing yourself is seemingly the easiest part but in actuality, it’s the most nerve-wracking part of the performance! Then, you just do what you’ve been practicing, and most of the time it turns out great. 

The environment of the whole event is quite electric (well, acoustic but you get what I mean!). The AISD stage is HUGE and when you enter, it feels very, very important and serious. But in reality, everyone is quite friendly, and everyone on stage (judges, directors, and most importantly – the students) is made to feel super comfortable. It’s an environment of sharing the blood, sweat and tears that went into preparing and performing this music. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was an inspiring couple of days.”

The incredibly talented students and directors at this year’s Concert & Sight Reading event exemplified growth, raw expression, and wholesome collaboration. Each participant played an integral role in creating an atmosphere that nurtured talent and celebrated the journey of becoming a musician. We feel so honored to continue to equip the next generation of musicians with the skills, support, and confidence to create magic on and off the stage. We are so grateful for this community, thank you.