This month we’re sharing a series of beautiful stories about ACG community and education projects that happened in the spring! If you’re curious to see more of our past projects please check out our ACG Productions page and our previous Blogs! If you are interested in joining our Community Ensembles, learn more here!

ACG Community Ensembles are a welcoming environment for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and create something beautiful. We love having the opportunity to expand our reach, create new deep rooted connections, and explore music along the way! 

This week we had the privilege of speaking with one of our lovely ACG Guitar Choir members Jaynee Welty. 

Jaynee has an incredible musical background with a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Music and a Masters in Education and Dance. She has taught music and guitar classes in public schools for twelve years! And to top it off she is an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter! 

Jaynee has been part of the Guitar Choir for three years. 

“I joined the ACG Guitar choir in 2018. I had retired in 2014, and really missed playing my guitar and playing with other people. I missed the guitar ensemble experience that I used to teach.” – Jaynee Welty

We feel so grateful that we have been able to continue these community ensembles even in the midst of the pandemic over the past year. We even expanded our reach to people in rural parts of the state or in completely different parts of the country from being virtual! We are so happy to have had these connections continue to thrive despite the disconnection the pandemic brought. Jaynee shared the significance of this experience for her, 

“I would say my experience in the ensemble during the pandemic saved my sanity! It helped with feeling accepted and valued. It filled the disconnect. It gave me a way to look forward and gave me hope that there is something to work toward tomorrow. The zoom connections were a gift. Tony Mariano became a leader with such kindness and sincere concern for all of us and made it more personal. It was a joy!”

Our community ensembles have done absolutely amazing things this year such as Assisted Living Concerts, ACG Fest, and be part of our Ofrendas and GIVE series! Jaynee shared, 

“Knowing that we were giving our gift of music to bring joy to others was touching for me and I know I was less nervous about being perfect. This past year I was one of the Ofrendas submissions that was used in the performance! It gave me a feeling of acceptance and a sense of confidence. I have found a purpose now in being part of something wonderful and bigger than myself. A big thank you to ACG for the opportunity to express myself through music.” 

We are so grateful for our beautiful community and we look forward to watching it flourish. 

To watch Jaynee’s Give submission click here. To watch her Ofrendas submission click here.