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I received an email early this morning from one of our graduates who is now in college. She has big dreams of owning her own studio and writing, arranging and producing commercial music, and today she asked me for advice on what courses to take and what professional experiences to pursue.

She graduated from a Title I school with an 87% low-income student population. She was an Austin Classical Guitar scholarship student, she distinguished herself as a member of our youth orchestra, and she volunteered for ACG events. She graduated and earned significant college scholarships, and she’s pursuing her dreams.

Together we can change lives.

Last Thursday, a graduate student from Yale University called and asked me many questions about Austin Classical Guitar. He’s involved in a New Haven outreach program where he teaches our curriculum – he says the materials “saved him” in the classroom.

He’s been watching ACG from afar for years, considers us to be the greatest classical guitar organization ever, and hopes one day to create something similar in another community. Friday he asked if he could intern with us this summer, and I look forward to his arrival.

Together we can change the future.

On Friday I got a call from a young man in Dallas who was recently appointed to a university faculty position. He had attended our national teacher training this summer, and one of his first orders of business in his new role is to work together with our education team to establish rigorous school programs in his area like he has seen here.

Together we can change communities.

I’ve never been so excited about our service as I am right now. I spoke with an excited educator in Houston last week who has launched a teacher support model we helped design, and it’s working wonders. I spoke with a community organizer in New York City asking if we would establish programs there next year, a trainee from Killeen asked if he could bring his kids to our Austin adjudicated contest in hopes that he can develop one in his own district soon.

Each fall during our Changing Lives Fall Fund Drive we ask for your support. We are able to serve thanks to your trust in us and your belief in the power of great music to change people’s lives. With your help, I am proud to say that we are actually changing the world. And we could not do it without you.

You can donate online here, or call us any time at 512-300-2247.
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