Austin Classical Guitar would like to thank the following individuals for helping make our dream home, The Rosette, a reality. Karrie & Tim League. McNiel Smith, Stringer Construction. Richard Weiss, Architect. Our Rosette Matching Fund Donors: Rick & Valeri Reeder, Dr. Lynne Boggs & Bill Cariker, Dan Bullock & Annette Carlozzi, Mercedes-Benz of Austin, Patricia Ann Morrison, The Raley Family, The Ben & Nancy Sander Family, Anonymous donor. Along with our many amazing supporters, donors, staff, board, and volunteers.


We are overjoyed to share that we opened our new sound space, The Rosette, in early February with a performace by Isaac Bustos! Watch here. In partnership with our friends Karrie & Tim League, founders of The Alamo Drafthouse, we have opened a 100-seat listening room and broadcast studio alongside multiple indoor and outdoor concert, reception, and creative learning spaces in the Baker Center at 39th Street and Avenue B! We have beautiful photographs and works of art on display throughout the space and each one has a special story! Read some of these incredible stories here: Rosette Hallway, The Paper Guitar, Rosette Lounge 1, Rosette Lounge 2.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our new home.

Thank you to Claudia Chapa for these before and after photos!

Creating the Rosette has been quite a process! We spent six months working with contractors and amongst ourselves to build the perfect space. From designing the Rosette that is in the center of the lobby floor, creating sound diffusors from scratch out of wood blocks, adding new floors and painted walls, to putting together the perfect tech system for Live-Stream events, we have finally opened the doors to our new home, The Rosette

Our highest goal for our new home, is that it will be your home too. Whether you’re an audience member in-person or online, a player in a class or ensemble, a volunteer, a graduate of our school programs, a scholar researching in our library, a teacher being trained, or a student making an audition video, our hope is that you will experience kindness and welcoming each time you visit.

The Rosette includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and have broadcast-quality audio and video recording and streaming capability. We are planning concerts, classes, rehearsals, collaborations, and gatherings of all kinds!  

Why is it called The Rosette? As you might know, a rosette is the ornate mosaic design surrounding the sound hole of every guitar. Each guitar maker has a unique rosette, it’s like a signature. Believe it or not, one of many very special features of our new home is a sixty-inch custom rosette inset into the center of the hardwood floor in our lounge!

We are deeply grateful for the partnership and support of Karrie & Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse for making our new home possible. We are deeply grateful for our matching donors, and to all of our supporters who have believed in us for the past three decades, and who believe in the power of music to do good in the world. 

The Rosette officially opened on February 5th and 6th, 2022, with gorgeous concerts by student performers Allen Liu and Elise Garza, and special guest Isaac Bustos. 

Speacial thank you to photographer, Jack Kloecker, for these gorgeous photos!