The Age of Humans with Laraine Kentridge and Justice Phillips

A combination of music and poetry at the Rosette

Saturday, May 4th at 8 pm CT 

The Rosette 3908 Avenue B Suite 116, Austin, TX 78751

Donations optional, $25 recommended

Please join us for an evening of beautiful poetry and music in an intimate Hype Park space.

A Pineapple and an Old Yellow Curtain is a Collection of poetry written by Laraine Kentridge and inspired by the Great Lakes, the Great Hawk, the evolution of the earth and the human being’s place in the world. The poems are small stories celebrating patient ghosts, expansive geology, small musings on mango, tea and ritual, pain and sorrow, anger and love. In the end, we discover who we are, who we can be and our “kinship” with gardens, oceans, clouds, music and a bright guiding moon.

This event will feature a selection of those poems by Laraine that composer Justice Phillips has created music from. We will experience a combination of classical guitar, voice, and spoken word in what will be a gorgeous evening!

Here is a preview of Justices music as well as some thoughts on why he composes.

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