It’s November, the month of gratitude, and we thought we’d celebrate our deep gratitude to you with some reflections shared by members of our precious community. 

We dream of a world where music is here for everyone, connecting us, inspiring us, and bringing joy and meaning wherever it goes. Click here to learn more about supporting ACG for Giving Tuesday.


Our first letter is from Teddy McCoy, member of the ACG Youth Orchestra. A marvelous young artist, Teddy has contributed his talent to many exciting projects like last season’s centerpiece Home: The Elements, and Spy Kids with Robert Rodriguez.

Teddy’s words are a beautiful reminder of the power of music and friendship, and we thank you for helping make it all possible. Here’s Teddy’s letter:

Dear ACG Community,

I can remember my first rehearsal in the youth orchestra. Clear as day. I would summarize the experience with the following: First, I played terribly. I don’t believe I got a note in time. Second, Joe looked rather worried and asked in the middle of rehearsal if I was doing all right. I confess, that night, in my privacy, I cried. I feared being hated. I thought I was doomed to a cycle of disappointing others and plain failure. 

But the weeks proved my judgment wrong. What I found was, the people playing around me, with me, wanted us all to play as beautifully as we possibly could. I have learned that we, the youth orchestra, and all of ACG, are a wonderfully united group. United in the creation of beautiful things. 

I am deeply thankful for this and wish all who are intertwined with ACG to know, though I believe they are already aware, there is no action nobler than to aid music in seeping through to the world.

My foremost gratitude,