It’s November, the month of gratitude, and we thought we’d celebrate our deep gratitude to you with some reflections shared by members of our precious community. 

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It’s Thanksgiving week and we wanted to share a reflection from Alex Lew, as part of our series thanking you for the difference you make at ACG. We met Alex in middle school, he went on to do amazing things with music, and now he’s back as a member of the ACG team. It’s all possible thanks to friends like you. Here’s Alex’s letter:

Dear Austin Classical Guitar,

I can’t express enough gratitude for the influence that you all have had on my life. It’s been 14 years and counting and I couldn’t imagine my trajectory without the presence of this organization. 

I first met ACG through the guitar program at Lamar Middle School and I fell in love with the instrument. Not only did you all have a hand in introducing me to the classical guitar, you offered me guidance and opportunities that made me realize how special this instrument is. ACG performance opportunities led to my interest in becoming a professional guitarist, and had me devote my years in college to studying the instrument. I learned so much about musicality and developed a love of teaching and spreading the joy of musicking, just as you did for me.

I believe it’s the people that operate ACG that make the organization truly special. Everyone involved is passionate about the mission of changing lives through music and their enthusiasm for the guitar is infectious. I strive to reflect that passion as a musician and teacher. 

I’m grateful to be able to contribute to ACG since returning to Austin following my studies in classical guitar performance at Yale. Working with students in ACGYO has been especially fulfilling considering I was a part of the ensemble during the first year it developed ten years ago! The skills I developed playing alongside other talented musicians was invaluable to my classical guitar journey and I remember being inspired after every rehearsal. Now, as the Assistant Director, I strive to offer the same valuable guidance I received to the next generation.

Thank you ACG, for being present from my childhood to adulthood, 

Alex Lew