We just got the menu for the free tapas Chef Candil is preparing for our flamenco terrace party Thursday night!  Yum!

Carlos Piñana and his troupe perform at 8PM in Dell Hall, but the tapas party on the terrace begins at 6:30, with live flamenco music and dance by Pilar Andújar – see you there!

Still need tickets?  Get them online here, or call 512-474-LONG.

Pisto Manchego on toasts- V

Vegetable casserole slowly roasted to preserve all the juices in the mix gently spread on bread toasts.

Spanish Chorizo

Aged Spanish chorizo sliced with picos (crunchy bread). This authentic Spanish chorizo has a medium and soft texture and it has been cured using only natural and traditional methods. The bright red of the chorizo comes from the use of Spanish paprika on this traditional Spanish staple food.

Vinaigrette Mussels with fresh tomato – V, GF

Cold cooked mussels with a vinaigrette of a mix of EVOO, sherry vinaigrette, fresh tomato, fresh green sweet peppers, and fresh onion.

Spanish Olives (assorted) – V, GF

Spain is the largest producer of olives in the world and Spaniards love to eat olives in dozens of different ways. In each tapa you will be able to taste Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy, Aragon Black olives, Arbequina olives, and Vinaigrette Banderillas (hot pickle skewers).

Here’s a close up picture Arlen Nydam took of one of the dancers from our last terrace party in September!