BookPeople_logoFor our literature-inspired summer series, narratives, our unique three-concert event taking place the evenings of June 25, July 9, and July 30 at the Blanton Museum Auditorium we’ve teamed with BookPeople, Texas’ largest book store, as a presenting partner. We invited co-owner Steve Bercu to share some thoughts on what it’s like to be part of this Austin institution.

At BookPeople we make it a priority to involve ourselves with as much of the literary world of Austin as possible. I’m excited about getting to come to work every day and be surrounded by the entire world of books and both my employees and the people who come in here to share their literary lives.

There are very few bookstores in the US where people could have an experience that compares to the one they will have at BookPeople. We have talented buyers who make the selections that fill our shelves and we have expert booksellers who can discuss almost any topic in a meaningful way to help our customers with their choices of reading material (or gifts).

BookPeople has a full schedule of events (about 4 or 5 per week). Summer includes our literary camp program that is in full swing right now; summer reading program for all ages of school kids; and getting ready for the very busy fall season. Check out our website to see what is coming.

We’re excited that BookPeople is co-hosting lunchtime conversations with Austin Classical Guitar on the Wednesdays before each concert of our Summer Series. Tickets are $15 and include lunch.