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We are so grateful at ACG to have a team of such incredible, talented, hard working, and beautiful people. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the work of our wonderful team.

Last week, ACG Events Director, Jen Bamberg, got nominated by her intern, Reilly, for a Certificate of Awesomeness with Consuela’s It’s not about the bag!

Here is what Reilly had to say about Jen in her nomination,

“I want to nominate Jen because she is an amazingly strong woman that fights for what she believes in. She cares for all people deeply and takes the time to get to know the guests and volunteers that come to the Austin Classical Guitar concerts and makes sure they have the best experience and get everything they need. I have been Jen’s intern since January, and she really has become a work mama to me. She is always there for me whenever I need her, offering help and support in many ways. And she does this for all of her coworkers and friends, as I have seen throughout my time working with her. She is always the first in line to help others, and she works hard to improve her community through engagement with the arts at Austin Classical Guitar. Jen is a real catalyst for positive change, and she always empowers others, which is something I think we need more of these days. I believe Jen is more than deserving of this award for all of these reasons and more. She is an exceptional role model to me, and I want to let her know how much I, along with an immeasurable amount of others, appreciate her hard work, dedication, and love for her job and her community.”


We are so grateful for everything Jen does. She is the backbone of our events and a bright light in the office everyday!

Thank you for everything Jen!

Learn more about this award here.