Sponsor Spotlight: Oliver Custom Homes

I recently had an extraordinary experience performing an intimate concert for about 50 guests at the home of renowned golf instructor Dave Pelz and his wife JoAnn. Dave and JoAnn were kind enough to host a concert at their astonishing home in Dripping Springs, Texas, that’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on various TV specials.

Not only is the home beautiful and the vista breathtaking, but Dave loves to talk about its total energy and water independence (e.g. 75,000 gallon rainwater cistern), and an ingenious system of heat exchangers that heat and cool the home with the pools and water features rather than air conditioning, but in the back yard there are also seven golf holes – some modeled on his favorite holes from around the world – that are at once his research center and also a golfer’s paradise.

This one-of-a-kind home, and golf oasis, was built by Matt and Paul Oliver of Oliver Custom Homes.  Matt and Paul build incredible things!  And they are generously helping us to build Austin Classical Guitar too.

Matt and Paul have a deep connection to Brazil and so, in addition to being one of our sponsors of our private concert at the Pelz, they offered to help us with our presentation of Brazilian superstar world musician Badi Assad on July 20th at GT Austin.

Tickets are online here or call us at 512-300-2247.

I had the opportunity to talk with Matt Oliver and learn about custom home construction, and why he chooses to support Austin Classical Guitar.

Matthew Hinsley: You make extraordinary spaces a reality, working closely with architects in the process.  Having been in some of your creations I’m struck that your process is in some ways similar to a musician interpreting and bringing to life a written composition.  What do you love about what you do?

Matt Oliver: Like music, visual art can soothe the soul. I love orchestrating in the construction process, bringing together the skill that can produce the best interpretation of what a homeowner is looking for.

MH: Recently you co-sponsored a wonderful evening at a home you created – the home of Dave and JoAnn Pelz – and next week you are sponsoring our concert featuring Badi Assad.  What is it about Austin Classical Guitar that you feel is worthy of your support? 

MO: Austin Classical Guitar brings us together in a very special way to enjoy great musical art.  We choose to support Austin Classical Guitar because of the impact it has in changing lives at an early age through its educational program.

MH: Tell be about your connection to Brazil?

MO: Paul and I grew up in Brazil and are both married to Brazilians. We love samba, soccer and just about anything that comes from Brazil.

MH: Could you tell me a bit about your collaboration with Eddie Pelz and DPSynscapes?

MO: DPSynscapes is an artificial turf company that built Dave Pelz’s back yard. We are partners in this company along with Dave Pelz and Eddie Pelz.

MH: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MO: Oliver Custom Homes LLC has been building “One of a kind, One at a time” homes in the Austin area for 28 years. Still having fun doing it!  We particularly love the lifelong friendships we’ve made along the way.