I first met Ben Finklea, founder and CEO of Volacci Internet Marketing, at an unforgettable house concert ACGS presented in the phenomenal west Austin home of Austin Institute of Real Estate’s Lynn and Wayne Morgan with maestro Adam Holzman performing.

Ben was interested in ACGS, and from our first conversation I realized that his phenomenal energy, business savvy, and creative intellect would be a huge asset to our board of directors.  It was a great day when he agreed to serve.

Ben and Volacci have helped us in many ways, I’ve particularly appreciated their generous assistance with the complex technological issues we face in the ongoing development of our international class guitar curriculum web site – that’s in daily use by over 400 educators now!

Most recently, Volacci has generously offered to sponsor our upcoming Vladimir Gorbach concert.  I thought I’d ask Ben a few questions about Volacci and his views on his philanthropic mindset.

Matthew Hinsley: What is Volacci?

Ben Finklea: Thank you for asking! Volacci is a digital marketing agency based in Austin, TX. We are in the business of Marketing Intelligence: the insights necessary to develop impactful marketing solutions and the technologies to deliver them. We build and operate world-class online marketing platforms for our clients using open source technologies like Drupal and WordPress. We are especially excited about a new product that we are releasing soon called Automatr. As the name implies, it saves a Marketing Director many hours per week and massively increases the return on investment of an existing website.

MH: Why do you support ACGS and the arts in Austin?

BF: I support ACGS because of the impact music education is making in our community. The program at the Gardner-Betts detention center in particular is inspirational to me. I’m sure your blog readers are aware of what you’re doing there – basically, using the gift of classical guitar music to bring hope and inspiration to troubled teens. These are good kids who haven’t had the chance to break out of circumstance and elevate their lives. They need our support and ACGS brings it week after week. Amazing!

MH: What do you wish everyone knew about the power of music?

BF: Music is a shared experience that changes the way we perceive each other. For many, music has become an iPod – not that there is anything wrong with an iPod. There’s just something special about experiencing live music in a shared community that brings us together in a fundamental way. A concert is much, much more than a playlist – it’s the unique pairing of a performer and an audience that will only be experienced once – right now. Live music brings people together for that one purpose – and when the audience is ready and the musicians are one with their instruments and the music comes alive – wow! Something spiritual happens. It is difficult to describe, really, but you know it when you feel it.

MH: Beautiful Ben! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

BF: I would simply like to express my gratitude to Matt, April, Chuck, and all of the ACGS staff, Board of Directors, and supporters. You’re making a huge difference in our community and in the world. On behalf of the entire Volacci team, Thank You! We are behind you 110%!