The ACGYO, founded in 2013 under the direction of Joe Williams, is an ensemble of advanced young guitarists from across our community. The youth involved have spent years refining their musical skills, and along the way they’ve made amazing videos, premiered many new works, performed on Austin’s biggest stages, and toured as far as San Francisco. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of ACGYO, they’re going on tour in Spain this June! 

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Our ACG Youth Orchestra is preparing to go on their most exciting tour yet next month; all the way to Spain! 

On June 3, the ACGYO will set foot in Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain, marking the beginning of their European adventure. From there, they will travel to the picturesque town of Muro De Alcoy- a place where magic truly happens. 

YO members will have the opportunity to visit the esteemed Alhambra Guitars factory, where amidst the rich craftsmanship, they will pick up fifteen of Alhambra’s exquisite 4 P Conservatory model guitars. Over the course of a week in Spain, the ACGYO will enchant audiences across Southern Spain with Alhambra’s donated instruments. 

From intimate performances in quaint villages to large concerts in bustling cities to master classes with world renowned musicians, these young musicians will not only blow their audiences away, they will be forging connections, fostering cultural exchange, and celebrating the universal language of music. 

We can’t wait to share their adventures with you! 

We at ACG extend a heartfelt thank you to Alhambra Guitars and Fundación Alhambra Guitarras for helping us make this dream a reality. 

We also share our deepest gratitude to every member of our community who supports ACG, we are only capable of creating moments like these because of you. We are profoundly thankful to all of you.