Guiding Light 

Solace is finding comfort in a time of distress.

You are invited to join the Texas and Austin Guitar Quartets and guitarists from all over in creating the virtual premiere of Solace for guitar orchestra by Brandon Carcamo (the 2020 Composition Competition Winner.)

In addition to recording your part, you are invited to capture videos of you and your surroundings. Share a glimpse into your world with video of things that bring you solace.

This is not a concert or performance video. It’s a portrait of us now. It’s a way for us to be together and share beauty in this challenging time.

How does it work?  All of the materials you need can be found here

  1. Add your name here under the part you are going to play. If you are in an ensemble add that too.
  2. Download a part and the corresponding backing track from the Access Music & Materials Folder.  All the parts are equally interesting and are fairly consistent in terms of the level of difficulty (moderate)
  3. Practice your part with the backing track and the conducted video.
  4. Download Voice Record Pro Iphone/Android
  5. Record the audio & video following the Helpful Recording & Video Guidelines in the Access Music & Materials Folder
  6. Rename your files following the Submission Guidelines in the Submit Here Folder and upload them directly into the Submit Here Folder

Deadline:  Extended to May 8th, 2020 by 5pm CDT

Send us an email at