Shannon Belcher

Shannon is a prodigal fan of classical guitar – introduced to it as a child in California and rediscovering the joy of it in the millennium through ACG.  Attracted by the concerts in the early 2000s and reconnecting after a brief-ish interlude in San Antonio, she was drawn to ACG by the artists but captured by the innovative and impactful outreach programs.  With limited (non-existent) performance talent herself, she has offered her skills in financial and data analysis, process development and program management to the ACG team for multiple projects. A recent addition to the Board, she was honored to be asked to join in 2019.  


A long-time Austin resident, she has observed the incredible changes brought to Austin and the surrounding areas over the past 40+ years and the benefits and challenges of those changes.  Grateful to the home-grown organizations rising to meet these challenges, she is thrilled and humbled to use her skills to help lay ACG’s path for another 30 years of service through musical experiences of deep personal significance.


Shannon took the scenic path to her degree completing a double major in Business Management and Accounting from Concordia Lutheran College.  Her career has spanned various financial analysis and program management roles across the high tech and medical tech industries. When not working, Shannon enjoys checking out her favorite local singer/songwriters, all things fiber (needlework, quilting, etc.), supporting several beloved local farms, and, with family and friends, the restaurants they supply.