It’s our May Fund Drive, and during this time we love to share inspiring things friends like you have helped make possible. Here is a special behind the scenes look at our 30th Season Finale. If you’d like to support our May Fund Drive, you can Donate Online Here

May 22, 2021 was a beautiful day at Austin Classical Guitar. It was our 30th Season Finale with the Texas Guitar Quartet, and our 2021 ACG Ensemble Festival. Between the two events we premiered five newly commissioned pieces of music, and featured performances by more than one hundred guitarists.

If you watched our Season Finale, then the picture at right will look familiar to you! It’s the Texas Guitar Quartet dazzling us from the stage of the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center. What you didn’t see in the video, however, were Todd and Keith behind the cameras that were capturing all the magic. But you can see them in this photo. If you didn’t see the show and you’d like to we have attached the video below. And while we’re at it, if you like to see our 2021 ACG Ensemble Festival too, click here

Here’s a look even further behind the scenes. From nearest to farthest we’ve got Vern, who was acting as Technical Director, Joe Williams who is Artistic Director and was calling the camera shots in real time, and Jordan Walsh who was making the changes and layering in the videos and slides throughout the show. These three have been working alongside other remote team members, and our virtual concert wizard Eric Pearson, all season long!




Here’s a close up look at Jordan’s console where you can see what he’s seeing as the show progresses. Over the past fifteen months our team at ACG has basically had to evolve into a television production crew. And for our new faraway friends we’ve made this year, we’re thrilled to announce that the streaming format will continue even as we head back to in-person events. In fact, we’ve got some big exciting news to share soon in that regard…but just not quite yet!




No post about ACG technological innovations would be complete with the master himself, Eric Pearson. Eric has a very rare set of incredibly deep skills and knowledge from music to recording to acoustics to technology all combined with a uniquely powerful combination of will and caring that enabled him to develop what is, in our opinion, one of the best live-stream music rigs in the United States. Read a feature about Eric and his technical innovations online here

Our remote team and AV teams are not pictured here! Jen, Jess, Lennox, Kevin, Ciyadh, and others were directing key components of our event production all year long.

The bottom line is that we are grateful. We’re grateful to our staff, to all the artists, to our partners near and far, and to all the experts who swooped in with their knowledge and goodwill. We are grateful to you, dear reader, for your support, for telling your friends, for your presence and supportive comments along this strange journey, and for your donations. 

Speaking of which, if you were inspired by our concerts and services this year, and you haven’t yet made a contribution, and you’d like to. We promise you this: we’ll work as hard as we know how to do the most good with your contributions. Thank you for your support, and thank you for your belief in the power of music to do good in the world. 

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