Rudi Ngnepi

Rudi Ngnepi earned bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and has12 years of industry experience working for National Instruments, a technology leader in the Test and Measurement space.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and talent development, Rudi co-founded a branch of National Instruments’ Planet NI program to focus on Africa. He drove public and private partnerships, developed global mentorship models, all geared to enable individuals to solve local challenges.

In 2017, he took on the role of Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning and HR Business Analytics within the Global Human Resources organization at NI. He led the organization through the modernization of recruitment across NI’s 45+ global offices and implementing strategic workforce planning to meet future business needs. In 2019, he was promoted to Global Director and just launched the company’s first comprehensive new graduate strategy with a purpose of accelerating time to promotion for entry level talent with a focus on 50% diversity for new grads, a 6 weeks long onboarding program and a newly created rotation program.

In June 2021, Rudi took on a new role as Global Director, Sales Enablement Platforms, with the primary responsibility to ensure that we can effectively disseminate business content to all of our channels (direct Sales, indirect sales, partners).

Outside of work, Rudi is the incoming President of the African Leadership Bridge which is an organization with the mission of championing the next generation of African leaders through sustainable scholarships and a strong support network. He has founded a dinner immersive series with a purpose of sharing culture, making connections and building communities over experiential curated meals. He has completed 30+ dinners representing African, European and Asian cultures while exposing 1500+ people to these new under-represented cultures.