From Matt Hinsley’s great series about inspiring educators who dedicate themselves to teaching the guitar to young people:

Dr. Michael Quantz and the Brownsville Guitar Ensemble Festival

When I was teaching high school here in Brownsville, I had a parent approach me after one of our spring concerts.  Her son had been in the guitar group for three years and was about to graduate. She had hardly spoken to me until this moment. That night she was in tears and could hardly speak.  As she composed herself she told me how wonderful it was that her son, who was in the special education program, was able to participate so fully in anything at school as he had done in his guitar classes. She had never before seen him be so committed, improve so much, or be such a welcomed member of a group that did cool stuff.

– Dr. Michael Quantz

Each spring Dr. Quantz hosts one of the US’ most important, longest-running guitar ensemble festivals.  This year’s UT Brownsville Guitar Ensemble Festival was headlined by the LA Guitar Quartet! With the festival approaching, I asked Dr. Quantz about his plans for this year’s event, and his perspective of the current state of guitar education.

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