We are so excited about our new series, Play!, starting this month. This series represents a whole new concept for us, with concerts held in unique, downtown locales, alongside original artwork created by some of Austin’s most talented visual artists. Each event will feature signature cocktails by Dragon Spirits and delicious food from Easy Tiger.

The first of this exciting new series is January 30th at the new IBC Bank Plaza on the breathtaking 13th floor with an incredible view of downtown. The event starts at 7pm and features Isaac Bustos, a regular artist on every one of our series.

Tickets are available here.

We are honored to feature Fidencio Duran’s artwork at the first installment of this new series. Duran’s artwork appears in public and private art collections throughout the United States and abroad. His famous work, The Visit, is on display at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.


We asked Duran to tell us a bit about his art:

My work transforms personal and community memories into celebrations of culture, history, and the beauty in our everyday lives. Drawing with graphite I develop the idea using linear perspective to set a location and lighting for the narratives. Layering of opaque and translucent acrylics results in vivid fluid arrangements that evoke a sense of nostalgia for the past. They espouse the value of living in close relation to the earth, the strength of family, and community.

My work became a form of cultural assertion by depicting aspects of my family’s history as tenant farmers in central Texas from the 1920’s to 1960’s. With this narrative approach I also produce public murals portraying the cultural, economic, and political history of communities, neighborhoods, regions, and sites. A recent series combines landscape, nature, and found objects as metaphors for our human need for community and shelter.

duran2                              duran3