I’m super-excited about our debut concert this Saturday (June 22) at 7:30 in our new concert venue, GT Austin featuring Grammy-winning composer and guitarist Andrew York (tix online or call  512-300-2247)! 

Where is it?  Imagine driving east into town from Mopac on 2222 (AKA “Koenig Lane” or “Northland Drive”)… just past Shoal Creek, on the right side, there’s a church with beautiful stained glass and a roof that looks a bit like a ski jump?  That’s the place (map here)!

The is plenty of on-site parking, comfy individual seating in the main auditorium (not pews), a contemporary feel with state of the art AV, and a spacious lobby!

Here are some pictures – huge thanks to our photographer Arlen Nydam.

We have a coffee bar!


Here’s a shot of the spacious lobby.


And a view of the stage from the balcony.  We have about 700 seats total, with just over 100 in the balcony.


And this is what you’d see if you were Andrew York playing on the stage Saturday night!