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Tonight’s artist, Grisha Goryachev, is renowned for his extraordinary musical sensitivity and technical virtuosity in both classical and flamenco styles. Grisha is one of very few guitarists in the world who is reviving the tradition of solo flamenco guitar in a concert setting that was practiced by legendary flamenco masters such as Ramón Montoya and Sabicas.​

Grisha is an artist that shines with an unusually bright light in inspiring individuals in our community through musical experiences of deep personal significance. Not only has he dazzled us many times on the concert stage, but he has always been willing to visit as many schools as we could fit in his schedule, to share his talent with countless young people. We frequently hear adult audience members and young students alike tell us how much they love and admire Grisha.

Special thank you to artist Adrian Armstrong and to Big Medium for being our program partner! 
Adrian Armstrong 

Instagram: @adrianarmstrongart

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October 15th with Big Medium
& October 22 with Flatbed Press.

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Tonight we’d love to highlight our Music & Healing program and their work with Red Oak Hope

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