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We received something beautiful from Nepal this morning.

Ravindra is an EMS professional in Kathmandu. For five years his dream has been to work with ACG to create guitar classes for his community. While the pandemic slowed progress, it has been an incredible joy to work beside him as Ravindra has done the hard work to begin his program. He is now President of the newly formed Guitar Foundation Nepal, he’s got a space to teach, and classes began in March.

Today he wrote, “I am teaching ACG’s curriculum to our students at no cost thanks to our partnership. I believe music can be used for social welfare, and I believe this aligns with your vision at ACG.”

Ravindra sent us a video of one of his new classes! They’re playing Kasaya, by our Education Director Travis Marcum. “Kasaya is like a meditation in music with many dimensions,” Ravindra wrote. “It drew our attention immediately. The students were immersed right away. I honestly did not have to teach very much, because of their admiration for the music and the composer. It’s wonderful seeing their confidence build so quickly. When we play it, we don’t want the music to stop.”

Listen to them play here: