Guitar is the world’s most popular instrument, and the results have been new students engaging in school-based performing arts by the tens of thousands. We learned this year that enrollment in our partner guitar classes is now second only to band amongst all AISD middle and high school music classes. We now have partner teachers in 45 Texas school districts and 40 states. Education has been our largest budget area at ACG since 2004. And it’s all possible thanks to friends like you. So, as we reach the end of another record-breaking school year, we’d like to thank you for helping make it all possible, and thank you for your belief in ACG, and in the power of music to do good in the world. Learn more about ACG Education here. Support ACG Education here


Guitarists! ACG is thrilled to announce the opening of our sheet music library at The Rosette. If you’re in Austin, make an appointment to visit and stop by. Wanna know if we have what you’re looking for? Click the link below and try a keyword search. Special thanks to the many donors over the years who have contributed scores to make this resource possible, and extra special thanks to Norma Hawes on our team, our tireless librarian, who has built our database and archived the collection.


Music Library