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Yellow Paper Birds is a beautiful song about keeping hope with you so you can fight towards a better future. Crafted with heartfelt words and melody by Eden Pearl (vocals), with Shayna Sands on guitar.

It was written and recorded in partnership with Foundation Communities.

“We started out as a guitar workshop but one day during a smaller group, we tried our hand at writing. Eden had a very brilliantly creative mind and took to it right away. She said she had written parts of songs and poems before.  Within a few sessions she had the main concept and lyrics along with a beautiful melody. We were in the process of learning to play and sing simultaneously in the class. I added some chords to fit her cool vibe and it worked 🙂 It was a lovely process that also blossomed into a mentorship and friendship. She has taught me a few things about singing too!” – Shayna Sands

Special Thanks to ACG Production Director Todd Waldron for both video and audio capture and engineering.

Filmed at The Rosette, March 2023.