ACG Music & Healing brings human connection, beauty, and expressivity to individuals facing isolation and challenge, through collaboration with a skilled and trained ACG Artist. These services are available to a wide variety of clients through partnerships with more than a dozen social service providers including hospitals, shelters, residential rehabilitation facilities, parental education and family health organizations, and veterans service providers. Learn more about ACG Music & Healing.


Since 2014 we have partnered with Carnegie Hall to create the Lullaby Project, a collaboration through which our Music & Healing artists are paired with a mom (mostly), in a shelter, hospital, prison, or with a social service partner, to write a personal song for her child or children.

The artist and mom spend hours together, usually over the course of about a month, talking and writing about hopes, dreams, and fears. The resulting ideas are distilled into lyrics, and the song is made.

My experience with the Lullaby Project was both exciting and intimidating. I’d been a musician my whole life up until my pregnancy really, so while Im not unfamiliar with the song writing process, its not something I’d ever been able to see through to the end. Writing and recording the music then the vocals all in one shot was definitely a big deal! But working with Arnold felt so seamlessly easy. He was encouraging every step of the way. It never dawned on me that making original music could feel that easy, and when we were done I still felt on some level that I couldn’t say I had written a song (blame the perfectionism in me). He heard me express that and said, “all music is is a few chords and a feeling. You had the feeling, you wrote the words, found a melody, and thats what every song is.” Now, months later, I’ve been singing more around my house, playing my piano again, and generally feeling more creative when before I was too nervous to try being musical again. –

I do want you to know as the manager in charge, this is an amazing program. What you all do is wonderful and I’m so grateful I got the chance to experience it and make something for my child that has absolutely no shelf life.

Cha-Cha real smooth,

Water Child was made by Crea with Arnold Yzaguirre as part of the Lullaby Project. Vocals by Crea. Listen below: