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At ACG, we believe in the transformative power of music. Since 2014, we’ve worked with young parents in challenging circumstances to help them write personal songs for their children. To do this, we have partnered with several incredible community organizations, including Any Baby Can.

To help illuminate the power of this work, and our partnership, we’re really pleased to share the reflection below from Any Baby Can Program Supervisor, Kathryn Austin. 

At Any Baby Can, we provide services for low income families that have children at risk of developing a developmental disorder or experiencing the impacts of chronic stress and poverty. We are so grateful for the Lullaby Project for helping our moms find the comfort and joy of raising a baby amidst so many societal barriers and stressors. This program empowers parents through the gift of creativity. Many moms walk into the session not feeling confident about their own ability to write a song or even express themselves creatively at all! However, each artist prioritizes helping the mom feel comfortable and interpreting their words and stories into such meaningful songs. More often than not, the moms leave the experience so surprised at what they have been able to create with the artist who “interprets” their love into something tangible that they can take home. It is through this partnership that moms grow in their confidence of themselves as parents and also in their skill sets to nurture and bond with their babies. The lullaby comforts and calms the infants, but also reflects back to the parents their own strength, creativity, and ability as a parent. Many of our moms become parents unexpectedly and experience a lot of stress around not feeling ready or knowledgeable about how to parent a newborn. The lullaby acts also as a tool for parents lost in the overwhelm of how to comfort their baby! They can always use this special lullaby that brings mom and baby back together when they are feeling disconnected. 

It has been so important for our families to experience these fleeting moments of calm and joy in the hectic process of becoming a parent to a new baby. Seeing moms leave their session with their artist feeling relaxed and so in love with their baby demonstrates this program has a deep impact on families and deserves to be supported financially and promoted nationally. Thank you for your consideration in funding this important project!


Kathryn Austin, M.Ed., LPC-S, NCC

Program Supervisor- No Estás Solo Counseling Program

Any Baby Can

Listen to a recent lullaby from this project, Love Will Live In You by Sydney with Daniel here.