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Happy New Year from the Music & Healing Team! We have a very special song to share by Marcelina, written with Director of Music & Healing, Travis Marcum, entitled Life.

Travis told us,

“I had the pleasure of working with Marcelina and her daughter at LifeWorks! Marce is a strong, patient, young mother who wanted to impart two things to her baby through the lullaby project. First: she wanted her daughter to know that life is long, sometimes hard, but if you pay attention…it can be beautiful. Second:  she wanted her daughter to know that the two of them are connected, and will be forever. 

“Marce’s goal for this project was to write and sing her lullaby for her baby. She used to play the guitar and sing all of the time when she was in school, but had to stop once her baby was born because things got busy. This was her opportunity to revisit her talent and create something she is proud of. The result is a deep, beautiful message for her daughter, in her voice… simply called Life.”

Listen to Life

Special thank you to Teen Parent program staff at LifeWorks who referred Marcelina to the Lullaby project and helped so much in the creation of this song.