ACG Music and Healing

ACG Music & Healing utilizes a trauma-informed, strength-based approach to facilitate a medium for meaningful expression and personal narrative through music making for Austin community members facing significant challenge or trauma. Our collaborators include dozens of local organizations, hospitals, clinics, shelters, and residential facilities to provide individualized music experiences for Central Texans navigating such challenges as poverty, homelessness, physical and mental health diagnoses, and trauma from past experiences. ACG musicians are focused on musical and expressive outcomes working side-by-side with social workers, music therapists, counselors, and doctors to identify unique goals with participants on an individual basis.  Activities include artist-participant songwriting collaboration, one-on-one guitar instruction, group instruction, bedside performance and more.

When I hear my song, I feel open. I feel the resonance. I listen to it on days when I need a boost of strength. It’s a reminder that I’ve got this…I’m going to get through this.


ACG Music & Healing Participant

Livestrong Cancer Institute Patient Advisory Board

Hear Christina’s beautiful song.


To learn more about ACG Music & healing, please contact Travis Marcum