A dream we have at ACG Education is for all children to have opportunities to find safety, success, and celebration in their lives through music.

So we spend lots of time carefully developing and refining curriculum materials, training teachers, working with local and state administrators, and building special resources to serve as many kids in the very best ways we can.

But something else we love to do is help create memories to last a lifetime, whether it be performances on big stages like the Paramount Theatre or the Long Center, opportunities for 85 students to collaborate with superstars like Pepe Romero or….

…a chance for our amazing youth orchestra to perform in a 360 degree video on the rooftop of the art museum in downtown Austin!

And here it is!

If you’ve not experienced a 360 degree video then you’re in for a special treat. You, as the viewer, will actually be in the middle of the experience, so if you’re watching on a mobile device you will actually be able to physically move around and see different kids playing! You can also use your finger to navigate within the video. On a desktop computer you can click and drag your mouse to see everything.

On a mobile device we recommend using the YouTube app, rather than watching it through your browser. We also highly recommend headphones, or having your volume nice and full – because the kids gave an amazing performance!

We hope you love it.

And thank you for helping make everything at ACG Education possible.