Matt&Joe Have Talkies

I can hardly believe we’re just two weeks out from Les Freres Meduses (Randall Avers and Benoit Albert) returning to Austin to perform on our International stage.  And I am incredibly excited that they will be giving the world premiere performance of “Memoria” by Joseph V. Williams II! 

Wanna go?  Buy tickets online here, or call 512-300-2247.

Williams is our first-ever Composer In Residence.  In that role he will write us several major works, a handful of smaller works, and also work with our education team to bring compositional exercises into the mix to enhance the way we teach music theory in our class room guitar programs (more on education here).

I sat down with Joe twice last month to talk.  The first conversation here is about his new piece, “Memoria,” which, by the way, is unbelievably awesome!


Makes you want to see the concert doesn’t it?  I can’t wait! 

Buy tickets online here, or call 512-300-2247.

I think the world of Joe as a composer and musical intellect and, while we were talking, I couldn’t resist asking him about listening to music in general.  I wanted to know how he listens, and how he’d recommend others listen… not just to new music, but to all music:


See you at the concert!