Amplify Austin is next week and we’re dedicating our campaign to our beloved Lullaby Project. For ten years now, our Lullaby Project has brought comfort and connection to families facing various challenges by creating beautiful and meaningful songs for their babies.Our Music & Healing artists engage with participants in schools, prisons, hospitals, social service centers, and shelters. Together, they craft heartfelt lyrics that reflect the hopes, dreams, and fears of each participant, turning them into something personal, durable, and shareable. Support our Amplify Austin campaign here.


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Music & Healing artist, Arnold Yzaguirre about his experience with the Lullaby Project. Here is what he had to share,

My experience with the Lullaby Project, in short, has been inspirational. Really fulfilling. Something I never thought I would be doing with the guitar. And I came into it because I wanted to exercise that part of my career as a musician, which is being creative by songwriting.

I used to be in a band many years ago, so I knew I could do it. I could write a song, I could write a good melody. The one thing I was, I’m ok at, I’m a little slow at, is being a lyricist. And that’s one of the big things about this Lullaby Project. But it’s become easy when there’s a very important and beautiful subject, which is the love of a mother for their child, for their children, for their kids. And so, that’s helped me in a way to be a good songwriter in that fact.

I thank ACG for allowing me to do this; for providing this opportunity for me to meet these people. To go into a room and a space and just have a conversation with these mothers. Go into a space I’ve never been in and meet a person I’ve never met. And we’re both a little reluctant at first you know, ‘cause we don’t know what’s about to happen. But they know that they’re there for one reason, and I think that’s what makes it easy for them to open up, because it’s all about creating something beautiful for their child. And when you have that in the center, it makes this much easier, because it’s not a therapy session, even though it feels like that at times, and it can be, and it is in a way actually, but it’s Music Healing. So there are tears involved in these sessions, and there’s a lot of listening. But when you have that in the center: love, and music in the center, it facilitates things really easily. And really all I have to do is just sit there and listen to their story. That’s both easy and hard. Not sure that everybody can do this type of job, but I’m glad that I’m able to do it and I’m glad that I’m able to express myself in that way and that it’s fulfilling in that way.

Being able to do this has been a wonderful thing for my life as a human being, as a person, as a musician. Something I never thought I would be able to do with this instrument. I thank ACG again for trusting me to do it, and I hope that I keep doing it, because it’s a beautiful part of what I do with this instrument. Aside from big events like weddings and events and things like this, where I create soundtracks for big moments, and teaching, where I get to see students every week and get to work with them and create music for their lives, the Lullaby Project has been such a special thing, and I hope to keep doing it.

It’s been 10 years and that’s an amazing thing. I haven’t been part of this project for that long, but I’m grateful for the time that I’ve been given, the opportunity that I’ve been given by ACG, thank you so much.

Last year, we had the immense pleasure of presenting a beautiful concert titled, “We’ve Always Known,” where four of our incredibly talented Music & Healing artists, Claire Puckett, Camille Sheiss, Daniel Fears, and Travis Marcum, reimagined and shared ten beautiful stories and songs from our Music & Healing program for the first time ever. 

During this concert, one of the pieces Arnold took part in through the Lullaby Project was performed.

Meraki’s Lullaby was created with artist Arnold Yzaguirre and participant Holly. Written and recorded as a part of Austin Classical Guitar’s Lullaby Project in partnership with Any Baby Can. Performed as part of our ACG Originals: We’ve Always Known concert. Listen here: