This concert occurred on November 19th. Austin Now events are conceived to be unique, moments of creation and togetherness

We are thrilled to present Looking Up in partnership with The Contemporary.

Moving among the sculptures on view at The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria’s fourteen wooded acres, the Austin Guitar Quartet will perform solos, duos, and quartets bringing the works of art to life. Part live stream, part curated tour, this experience will transport us.


Looking Up is an opportunity to notice and connect with beauty. We often ask ourselves, “What good can music and art do in the world today?” In exploring this question with our partners at The Contemporary Austin we considered the times we’re in, our “today.” Our “today” can seem filled with fear and anxiety as humanity wrestles with some of its greatest challenges. But still, if we can look up, look up from our individual paths, look up from our screens, look up from our fears, there is beauty.

“We’re excited to make beautiful music during these challenging times.”

The Austin Guitar Quartet’s Chad Ibison and Janet Grohovac shared.

“We’re looking forward, looking up and having a feeling of synergistic connection of all of these creative forces coming together to share this music with the world. These thought provoking sculptures implore us to explore conversations, and in turn, have inspired a very exciting program of repertoire to reflect on the outside beauty at the grounds of Laguna Gloria.”

At the heart of Looking Up is also the beauty of collaboration. It’s collaboration of four musicians, It’s collaboration between Austin Classical Guitar and The Contemporary Austin, it brings together music and sculpture, and it brings together artists and audiences. 

The AGQ’s Tom Clippinger commented,

“Playing alongside these beautiful sculptures will be an incredibly unique and engaging experience, and one that will likely bring out another dimension of the music we haven’t experienced yet ourselves.”

The quartet’s Stephen Krishnan added,

“Combining the quartet’s sound with visuals from beautiful Laguna Gloria is such an exciting concept, and the possibilities of sound and image pairings are endless. We had a lot of fun thinking about which pieces from our solo, duo, and quartet repertory would bring our favorite sculptures to life.”

We are indeed in extraordinary and often disorienting times. Finding ways to celebrate humanity and nature has been challenging but not impossible. Chad and Janet added,

“So many people are working behind the scenes between the film crew, the ACG, and Laguna Gloria. This is our first concert back after many months, and we can’t wait to bring bundles of energy and excitement to you all!”

Andrea Mellard, Director of Public Programs & Community Engagement for The Contemporary Austin shares,

“The strength of artists is how they reflect the contemporary world back to us and envision new futures. That is why I am so pleased to co-present Looking Up with Austin Classical Guitar and hear how the musicians respond to iconic sculptures like artist Tom Friedman’s 33-foot-tall shiny figure “Looking Up” and many of the more than two dozen outdoor works of art in the natural landscape of Laguna Gloria. Thanks to the Austin Guitar Quartet’s perspectives, I hope we experience the arts, the park, and the larger world with new sensitivity.” 

Learn how to visit The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria here.