10000 Circles by Maggie Kleinpeter

The warmth, lyricism, and refinement of SoloDuo is legendary in the guitar world.

The Washington Post referred to them as, “nothing less than rapturous — profound and unforgettable musicianship of the highest order.”

Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli have performed throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, Canada and Latin America, and have been acclaimed everywhere – from New York’s Carnegie Hall to Seoul’s Sejong Chamber Hall!

Matteo resides in Geneva, Switzerland, where he teaches at the Conservatoire Populaire. Lorenzo lives in Milan, Italy, and teaches at the University School of Music in Lugano, Switzerland. Since 2015, they are Artists in Residence at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Special thank you to artist Maggie Kleinpeter and to Big Medium for being our program partner! 
Maggie Kleinpeter

Instagram: @supermaggiekleinpeter


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Reilly Curran, Artist Care Support
Andy Stoltz, Audio Engineer
Natalie George Productions, Lighting Design
Jordan Walsh, Livestream Engineer

Special thanks to Cynthia and Peach Reynolds.