Chammomile Glitch (2022) by Paloma Mayorga

Tonight’s artist, Andrea Gonzáles Caballero, has been blowing her audiences away since the age of 7. Her spectacular playing has earned her prizes in more than twenty international competitions!

She has been described as “the female voice of the Spanish guitar” by Opera World Magazine and with Andrea’s powerful yet sensitive touch on the guitar, it’s no surprise that BBC Music Magazine described her as one of today’s young rising stars.

Special thank you to artist Paloma Mayorga and to Big Medium for being our program partner! 
Paloma Mayorga

Paloma’s photographs, created with the use of a scanner, are inspired by ecofeminist philosophies and explore gender politics as well as human behaviour. Her work is being exhibited virtually on through grayDUCK Gallery.

Instagram: @paloma.mayorga


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Todd Waldron, Production Director
Andy Stoltz, Audio Engineer
Natalie George Productions, Lighting Design
Jessy Eubanks, Livestream Engineer