Lifelong Learning

Making Music. Making Joy. Together.

ACG Youth and Community Ensembles are a place to experience and share the joy of making music with others. From exploration in our beginning guitar classes to participation in our advanced ensembles, there’s a spot for everyone. Refine your skills, connect to your community, and enjoy making music together, all while developing lifelong friendships. 

“ACG is a wonderful artistic organization that brings guitar musicians together in a caring, educational atmosphere, whether on ZOOM or in person. Being a member of the ACG Guitar Choir has brought me great satisfaction under the talented instruction and leadership of Tony Mariano. I see the spirit of ACG as generously making music and giving joy, which inspires the performers and those listening. This aspect makes ACG a gem of an organization!.”

-Jaynee Welty, Member of ACG Guitar Choir

“The Austin Classical Guitar Choir has taught me so much about music and community. It’s taught me about performing and playing with other people, things I wouldn’t have been exposed to without joining the group. I’ve gotten so much out of it, and I want to thank the people who organized it, and the people in the group.”

-Lawrence Tuttle, Member of ACG Guitar Choir

“Having a mentor like Joe Williams, who gives us so much freedom, was the most inspiring opportunity that I could have asked for. We got to create music that was really our own, we got to put our own spin and our own interpretation on everything we were doing, and by the end of the year we were so proud of the music we created.”

 -Zara Terrazas-Graham, Member, ACG Youth Orchestra


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