Lazan Pargaman

Lazan Pargaman is a 3rd generation Austinite, a long time real estate broker in Central Austin, and has a deep interest in helping young people. Introduced to ACG in the fall of 2005 when her daughter began taking classes through the new guitar program at Lamar Middle School, Lazan became active in supporting the organization early on through small, in-home concerts in historic homes around town. She’s been active on the board for several years and recently served as its Treasurer.

Today, Lazan seems to get the most joy from watching the growing education programs at ACG and seeing the social good that comes from bringing music into young peoples’ lives. She’s known to listen to classical guitar while viewing properties around town, but we think she mostly likes to see the growing population of people served by ACG’s programs around the world. When she’s not working, Lazan enjoys gardening, architecture, interior design and of course, guitar music.