I simply can’t describe how excited I am about this:

Joseph V. Wiliams II is the Austin Classical Guitar Society’s first-ever Composer In Residence – for our 2013-2014 season!

Working at ACGS, some of the things I’m most thankful for are the circumstances that have brought me in contact with inspiringly creative minds.  Joe’s artistry is transcendent to the extent that I am exhilarated by our interactions, and transported when I hear his work.

When he focused his creativity on our Austin Pictures project in 2011 it was one of my personal and professional highlights – and I’m downright giddy that we’ll have a whole year to work together on both composition and education projects, beginning late this summer!

Here’s an interview I did with Joe in the weeks leading up to Austin Pictures:


What Joe wrote for us was a five-movement work called “Austin Pictures” for over 100 young guitarists and the Miró Quartet, that was conducted by Peter Bay at ACL Live.  Want a taste?  Here’s the movement “Capital City Construction” from that magical debut evening – as captured by KLRU.

One of the things about original creative works, is that it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen.  But one thing I’m sure of is that, after Joseph V. Williams II is our composer in residence, ACGS will never be the same again – and in the best way!