Our next Insights course begins Wednesday evening, October 16th at 7!

Sign up here, or call 512-300-2247.

Tom Echols will lead four classes (10/16, 10/23, 10/30 and 11/6) that will include two exciting cameo appearances: one by composer Joe Williams and the other by Les Freres Meduses (Randy Avers and Benoit Albert) themselves!

I am simply crazy about Randy and Benoit.  They have been here many times on our various series.  Two years ago when Tim League (co-founder and CEO of Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse) asked me about collaborating to create an original film score for a 1927 Lon Chaney, Sr. silent film called The Unknown, Les Freres Meduses were the very first people I thought of for the job.

Based in Norway (Randy) and France (Benoit), the two of them worked together to create an unbelievable original score that they performed live in one of our most exciting productions ever!  Check out this wrap-up video that captured not only some of the music and film, but the live knife-throwing, accordion playing, and hula-hooping also!


So that’s why, when I asked Composer in Residence Joe Williams who he wanted to write his first major work for this year he pointed straight at Les Freres Meduses and said “those guys!”

Their music and artistry is astonishing.  While they won’t be accompanying a film with a huge original score project this time around, they will be playing amazing music including the world premiere of Joe Williams’ Memoria in two amazing movements (I’ve heard a little preview).

It’s the inventiveness, and creativity, the “nowness” of this program and these artists that leads me to this conclusion: this Insights course is the most important course all year long.

You can Sign up here, or call us at 512-300-2247.

I hope you’ll take the class, and I hope you’ll definitely come to this amazing concert on the 9th of November!

I look forward to sharing it with you.

Matt Hinsley

PS – I had a blast talking with Joe Williams about listening to music recently.  For a quick look into the way this musical mastermind thinks, check out our conversation here!