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From our first meeting, I could tell that Misty was/is a beautiful person inside and out. She loves bringing joy to others and her family. I don’t know from experience but I’ve heard it’s incredibly difficult to bring others joy when you’re dealing with your own pains. Misty does this with ease. So… naturally, we wanted her song to be uplifting and joyful…while telling a little bit of her story. Misty wrote a beautiful letter talking about her first moments in the hospital and how uncomfortable that was but towards the end of the letter, she focused on her love for God and the strength given by that high power. This helps her put things in perspective so that she can be the light for others because, this is the way she wants to spend her time here on this earth.

I sent Misty the very rough draft of the music and after a few days she said she knew of a person who would be perfect to sing on her song. Her friend from church and a beautiful singer, Anita, was delighted to be included. Misty was correct, Anita’s voice was the perfect choice and missing piece to this song. 

I had such a wonderful time putting this song together with Misty and Anita and I hope that others can be inspired by it. This is “I am Strong” by Misty.

“It was truly a team effort,  Arnold’s amazing music talent, Anita’s beautiful voice, I give God all the glory for giving me the right words to express how I was truly feeling in the beginning and now. It was an  honor to be able to work with Arnold and get to know him. I think it’s so awesome to be able to turn something that sometimes seems like a death sentence into a beautiful piece of hope. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this genuinely did help me more than I can say. It was a little hard putting my feelings on paper and explaining everything. I’m glad I got to have this opportunity though, cause it has been a healing & uplifting experience!!!

I hope you guys know that y’all are all like shining lights to others that have been through rough, heart breaking things in life. 

 You guys help bring hope to all struggling in a difficult time. 

Y’all are a true, rare treasure, showing love, giving your hearts and time for complete strangers. That means  so very much, and all I can say is THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!” -Misty