In July, we had the privilege of sharing ideas and tools with guitar educators from around the world for our Annual (and first-ever online!) Teacher Summit.

Despite the uncertainty of this fall, we were so inspired by the teachers’ energy, hopefulness, and creativity.

Our Director of Education, Travis Marcum, created a multimedia collaborative project for all 120 educators to participate in. “Everything Changes at Once” was originally written for students this spring, which you can view here, but this version for educators allows us to hear from the other side of the classroom.

In the project, teachers had the opportunity to record short guitar phrases that were later woven into a complete musical piece. They also could take pictures or record ‘found sounds’ of their home environments, and answer questions such as ‘What would you like to say to your students? What are you afraid of? What are you hopeful for?’

The product is a piece of music unique to now, and is a message from our teaching community to each other, to their students, and to all of you.

Travis Marcum

We hope you enjoy this beautiful work from our educators around the globe.