We’ve been thinking a lot about togetherness, about how finding spaces of belonging and shared purpose allow us to make positive change. We believe music has a lot to teach us – in its gentle way – about coming together with intention. So we’re beginning a new series of Hopeful Things: stories and music centered around belonging and transformation. 

In early April we didn’t yet know if schools would be closed for the remainder of the spring semester, but it was looking that way. So our Education Team hosted regular nationwide discussions with partner teachers, creating and sharing and reimagining resources, and trading stories of challenges and successes.

Out of this grew a vision for a project that would give teachers and students something concrete to work toward, something students could work on at home, something including ways to participate even for those who did not own guitars, and above all something that would allow people to express in words, images, and music their real feelings about the world changing around them.

Our Director of Education, Travis Marcum, created Everything Changes at Once. The piece had thirteen levels of entry for musicians of all abilities, and countless variations of expression. Hundreds of kids from about fifty schools submitted over 600 files, and our audiovisual and education teams put it all together.

We invite you to experience this magical, hopeful work: Everything Changes at Once.