Our season theme is HOME. We will dive into the natural world, culture, and human connection, and we’re inviting you to participate all along the way! Learn all about Home and the centerpiece concert of our season with Artistic Director, Joe Williams, and Director of Education, Travis Marcum, in our upcoming ACGtalks: Home breakfast on Wednesday Feb. 8 at 9:30am. We hope you’ll join us. Learn more here. We would like to thank atsec information security for their generous sponsorship of Marek’s residency and our home project. 


This season we at ACG are connecting our Artist-in-Residence, Marek, with our community on what Home means to them. Marek is working with more than eighty guitarists of all ages, across Texas, to make a monumental tribute to our planet that we’ll premiere on February 18.

This tribute is inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of godai or the “Five Elements,” personal stories, and collaborative ideas between Marek and the guitar orchestra. 

Five guitar groups of differentiating ages will prepare a stand-alone movement of the work for the performance in the Spring. 

Next week is the beginning of this connection between Marek and these incredible musicians in person! They will begin exploring the philosophical and musical foundation of each of the elements of godai

To begin this collaborative process, each guitarist has chosen one or more of these elements to explore on the guitar however their intuition feels it and create a video to share this musical idea.

Here are a couple awesome sounds by one of our ACGYO members, Teddy. 

We’d like to invite you to participate as well! 

Do you have thoughts or reflections on Home? Might you take a picture of a beautiful place, or share a poem or reflection with us? Send them to home@austinclassicalguitar.org.

We’re so excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to share more about it! 

Learn more about the next steps in this process here.