I’m so excited!

Grisha just sent over his concert program.

The program is simply bursting with some of the greatest flamenco guitar pieces, by some of the greatest masters, ever written or performed.  On September 13th, we will be in for a wild ride!

Call 512-474-LONG for your tickets today, or get them online!

Remember that the evening includes an amazing free flamenco party on the terrace!  We’ll also be serving an authentic Spanish dinner in the Kodosky Lounge.  Details on those here!

The program begins with Los Caireles – Zapateado by Manolo Sanlúcar (b. 1943) followed by Impetu – Bulerías by Mario Escudero (1928-2004).  Next up is Malagueña by Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963), Arr. By Paco de Lucía – and you can watch him playing it live in a guitar shop in LA – be sure and wait for the end!

The rest of program looks like this:

De la Vera – Garrotín by Rafael Riqueni (b. 1962)

Morente – Granadina by Vicente Amigo (b. 1967)

Fandango by Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)

Cepa Andaluza – Bulerías Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)


Oración – Rondeña by Manolo Sanlúcar (b. 1943)

Ventanas al Alma – Minera by Vicente Amigo (b. 1967)

Brisas – Guajira by Rafael Riqueni (b. 1962)

La Barrosa – Alegrías by Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)

Monasterio de Sal – Colombiana by Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)

La Cañada – Tangos by Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)

Piñonate – Bulerías by Paco de Lucía (b. 1947)