(from Matt)

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the return of these two magnificent talents to Austin.  Last time they were here, it was to open our FlamencoAustin series at the Long Center and the show was primarily Grisha playing a flamenco concert, with Jerome joining him for some extraordinary encores. 

So extraordinary, in fact, that I knew we had to get them back to Austin for a fully collaborative concert of classical and flamenco guitar!


First – the schedule:

Thursday, March 27th, 11am – we’re live on KUTX, 98.5FM.  Tune in!

Friday, March 28th, 4-7pm – masterclass in UT School of Music (MRH5.138) – free!

Saturday, March 29th:

5:30pm – dinner at Chez Zee with me and friends!

7:45pm – Akins High School pre-show at GT Austin

8pm – concert begins!

Dinner and Concert Tickets are Online Here – or call 512-300-2247.


So the natural question is… what are they going to play?  What does a classical and flamenco guitar concert look like? 

Here’s your answer (links are to videos, to give you a taste of what you’ll hear!):


La Vida Breve                                                                                         Manuel de Falla

Danza Ritual del Fuego                                                                        Manuel de Falla

(Grisha Goryachev & Jerome Mouffe, guitars)


Reverie (Nocturne)                                                                                    Giulio Regondi

Asturias (Leyenda)                                                                                    Isaac Albeniz

Castilla (Seguidillas)

(Jerome Mouffe, guitar)


Evocacion                                                                                                Isaac Albeniz

(Grisha Goryachev & Jerome Mouffe, guitars)




La Flor de la Canela                                                           Chabuca Granda/Paco de Lucia

A Pesar de Todo                                                                                    Popular/Paco de Lucia

(Grisha Goryachev & Jerome Mouffe, guitars)


Los Caireles (Zapateado)                                                                        Manolo Sanlúcar

Aires Choqueros (Fandango)                                                                      Paco de Lucía

Almoraima (Bulerías)                                                                                    Paco de Lucía

(Grisha Goryachev, guitar)


El Vito                                                                                                 Popular/Paco de Lucia

Guajiras                                                                                                             Paco de Lucia

(Grisha Goryachev & Jerome Mouffe, guitars)