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This year’s season theme, Home, is probably the most personally meaningful theme I’ve been a part of during my time at ACG. 

I believe Home has a lot of different meanings, and I believe exploring them is a super powerful thing to do. During my young life, I called many different cities, places, and people home and I cherish each and every one.

Gary, Indiana is the place I have the most memories from my early childhood. I lived there from ages 4 through 9 with my mother and my brother. That experience had a profound effect on me. 


Writing a piece about Gary was a way to honor the experience I had as a child because I find myself missing it sometimes.

In the piece, Gary, Indiana, I intended to create images of the cold, snow, and Christmas because that’s how I remember it best. I did this by using ethereal harmonies and a floating texture. 

This piece is specifically linked to one Christmas memory I have from when I was 7 years old. My mom, my brother, and I were opening presents and there was a news crew there to document us doing so. I remember loving that experience a lot, and when I went back to school some of my friends even mentioned to me that they saw me in the paper!

Listen to Gary, Indiana here: