Support ACG! We’ve just announced our end-of-year $250,000 fund drive goal to support our programming in more than 60 local schools, juvenile justice centers, medical centers, and shelters, as well as the activation of our new ACG home, The Rosette! Donate here.


It has been an incredible year at Austin Classical Guitar so far. 

We learned that the education programs we’ve built in AISD, that started as a dream over twenty years ago, now enroll more students than any other music class in middle or high school across AISD besides band.

Our work in the juvenile justice system, that is the first and only daily for-credit performing arts class for incarcerated youth in Texas ever, expanded to serve in a fifth facility in Dallas, and our first-of-its kind braille lifelong learning system was officially adopted by another nation’s Ministry of Education as a national curricular model.

And we opened The Rosette! The Rosette is the only theater in America created by an organization such as ours. It exists to bring joy and inspiration to our community through art, and my oh my how it has begun to live and breathe. 

So today I am announcing a December Fundraising Goal of $250,000.

Thousands of young people in central Texas alone are learning with ACG systems and training, and our team is out there every day making it as good as it can be. I’d like to be able to support them. Almost fifty students in Title One Schools are receiving free weekly lessons they would not likely otherwise be able to afford, the results are miraculous, and I’d like to support them. The Rosette is beautiful, but it’s not finished, and our team is building more, designing, and supporting on average more than one community-based event every day. I’d like to support them.

Today I’m asking you to join me. It might be with a phone call to 512-300-2247 set up lunch, it might be an email with an introduction, it might be a major gift or planned gift for our endowment to name one of our programs or one of our offices, or it might be a donation of any size made online here.

Remarkable things have happened thanks to friends like you. Truly remarkable things that have never happened, anywhere else, in our nation’s history. Through music we’ve had a chance to nurture, and heal, and educate, and share. And we’re just getting started. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Matt Hinsley, Executive Director