We had a blast last week at the debut show of FlamencoAustin.  Thanks to master photographer Arlen Nydam, we can share these gorgeous photos of the evening!  If you didn’t get to see Grisha play last Thursday, check out this unbelievable and beautiful video taken when we were at KUT.  Grisha plays Paco de Lucia’s Bulerias – video by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon.

Two things happened before the show.  In the Kodosky Lounge, we were serving a full, authentic Spanish Dinner prepared by Chef Maria Fernanda Candil.  Here’s a glimpse of the tapas spread!

And here’s a close-up of one of three different Paellas she made!  Yum!

The dinner was super-popular, and got us in the mood for the entertainment to come!

But that’s not all!  Across the way, we had free tapas by Chef Duran of Málaga Tapas and bar, along with a live flamenco performance by Pilar Andújar and her marvelous troupe!  It would have been out on the city terrace, but we moved it up to the west pincer because of the rain!

It’s all about the feet!  So marvelous!

Look at all those people!!!  The west pincer was packed.  And folks had a great time.  With the smaller space it was tough getting to the amazing tapas, but the wait was worth it!

Ah, show time.  Here I am introducing Grisha.  See all that black behind me?  It’s a curtain.  The big surprise of the evening was that we had 75 kids from 5 schools waiting behind the curtain to play a piece before Grisha took the stage!  Over 1300 in the audience, by the way…

And here they are!  The amazing Travis Marcum, our Director of Education, is conducting.

Hooray!  They played beautifully.  I love this shot, because you can see them all!  One is even waving in the back row!

What can I say?  Grisha is amazing!  He took us away last Thursday with a simply unbelievable performance.

And at the end, Jerome Mouffe came out and the two of them were dazzling.  It’s safe to say that their rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” was the most talked-about part of the evening.  People were amazed and amused.  Just transporting!

And here we are post-show and pre-Home Slice Pizza!

Thanks again to Arlen Nydam for these fabulous photos!  See you all Saturday October 6th for LA Guitar Quartet!