ACG Music & Healing, including Songwriting with Veterans, utilizes a trauma-informed, strength-based approach to facilitate a medium for meaningful expression and personal narrative through music making for Austin community members facing significant challenge or trauma. Directed by Dr. Travis Marcum, and in collaboration with organizations, hospitals, clinics, shelters, and residential facilities we provide individualized music experiences for Central Texans navigating such challenges as poverty, homelessness, physical and mental health diagnoses, and trauma from past experiences.


We are honored to partner with The Georgetown Arts and Culture Program, Resilient Me Community Based Resiliency Programs, and country music artist Wynn Williams to provide a very special musical component to the Rotary Club of Georgetown’s 2020 Field of Honor celebration on Saturday, November 7 between 2 and 4:30pm CST.

The event will be streamed live on FaceBook, and you can attend online here

Music and Healing Director Dr. Travis Marcum, and ACG Music & Healing Artist John Churchill have worked with three extraordinary veterans, William Childress, Bobby Withrow, and John Hill. The afternoon’s program, beginning at 3pm, will include performances by country music artist Wynn Williams, John Churchill on piano, vocalist Hilary Still, and Williamson County Symphony Orchestra violinist Anne Hamman. 

Travis Marcum will also share insights into ACG’s songwriting program, which is designed to help veterans process trauma from their service in the military.

Here’s a special video from John Churchill about his experience with the project, and one of the veterans he’s been able to work with.