Eliot Fisk is one of my favorite artists, and one of my most inspiring musical mentors. I’ll never forget a class I saw him teach where student after student played advanced music of JS Bach. Eliot instantly and intimately knew, from memory, every selection presented, and played along with each student.

At one point he began discussing Bach’s ornaments. He proceeded to play the opening movement from Bach’s Second Violin Sonata and rattled off, in real time, every trill, mordent, appoggiatura, Italianate scalar fill, and every other imaginable glorious ornament that was happening – all while playing brilliantly, and improvising new ornaments of his own.

Eliot is one of America’s great classical guitar icons. He will dazzle us at Guitars Under the Stars this February 11th.

Watch Eliot play El Colibri by Julio Sagreras online now.

Eliot speaks 6 languages and teaches in Boston at the New England Conservatory as well as in Salzburg, Austria at the Mozarteum – he keeps a residence across from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. He is the last, direct pupil of Andres Segovia. In 2006, King Juan Carlos of Spain awarded Eliot the “Cruz de Isabela Catolica” – a rare honor previously received by Segovia himself.

Any time we have been fortunate enough to have him here in Austin, his presence has been a lasting infusion of energy and inspiration.

Guitars Under the Stars, Valentine’s weekend at One World Theatre, will be an unforgettable experience. I hope you will join us in that spectacular space, in support of our education program. We have seats in the theater for just 300. We’re about half-way sold already, buy tickets online now, or call us at 512-300-ACGS. Tables and table sponsorships are available as well.

Thank you all,

Matthew Hinsley, Executive Director